05 agosto 2016

Cocoa powder nutrition facts

I'm sure you know what cocoa powder is, a chocolate mix that you can add to the milk in order to give it flavour. The most popular ones in Spain are Cola Cao and Nesquik.

You know about Nesquik, don't you?

Anyway, I guess things are the same all across the world, only the brands and the names of the companies change.

I'm interested about ingredients and nutrition facts (I'm more into coffee, but I do love a hot cocoa cup in winter when it's cold and rainy. No marshmallows in here, though).

So this is what I found. Sorry that some labels are not in English, but we examine 100 grams of product while English-speaking people use one serving. I am sure you can do the math if needed.

Here's the Spanish label of an original Nesquik can.

And here's a French one, so you can see that they are mostly the same.

Knowing that azúcar, sucre = sugar, you can see that it contains 75.7% of sugar and  21.6% of cocoa. Three quarters of a can is just sugar!!! It gives me the chills. A serving would be 11 grams of sugar, about a third of the recommended daily intake.

Definitely, I would not give this thing to my children.

I found this in a supermarket in my neighbourhood. Fat reduced cocoa powder. And nothing else.

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